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Mission trips with Lake Forest serve two purposes.

First, mission trips allow us to encourage and partner in what God is doing through his local church in another place and culture. We share a spiritual and missional unity with all followers of Jesus around the globe. Mission trips are a way for us to value what God is doing through our brothers and sisters in another place and culture, but only when these trips are done in sustained, long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial. It takes humility, cultural intelligence, and true sacrifice in some unexpected areas to ensure we are encouraging and supporting the mission of the local church and not just serving our own needs and jetting home.

Second, mission trips are a catalytic spiritual experience when we humble ourselves and ask God to make us more like Jesus through this experience. When trips are done well with training and follow through, we see that people discover and better live out their own role in God’s mission, both at home and abroad. We’ve seen both spiritual explorers and even long-time followers of Jesus capture a new vision of who God is and what his purpose is in the world. At their best, mission trips can lead to: refocusing the life-mission of entire families, expanding our cultural understanding to better love those who are different than us, discovering a love for generosity, living to serve others like Jesus did, and more.

Come join us in these two purposes and see what God will do in and through you as you partner with him on His mission!

Please contact missiontrips@lakeforest.org if you would like to talk to someone about one of our trips or if you have any questions.


Our First Team Meeting

By The Fensley Family on 3/28/2018

We met this past Sunday for the first time as the Honduras team for...


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